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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  September 26, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 this monday, september 26. >> time for a check of the traffic and the weather every 10 minutes. we will check in with jim russ in a moment, but we start with the weather. >> get ready for another fairly gray day. we could see a few peeks of sunshine but pretty much in the same weather pattern as the last week. 72 in the district. patchy fog. a few isolated sprinkles cannot be ruled out. more clouds and sunshine, and again. 81 is the height of the chair. better chance of rain tomorrow -- 81 is the high temperature. better chance of rain tomorrow. >> looking at the interstates and 270 the bellwether of
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pretty good getting past university boulevard. really no delays. of it is getting heavy. 270, no incidents. let's go to georgia avenue, route 100 aid. and accident in the intersection. stay to the right and all directions to get by. virginia a couple of issues on the big red's. 95 at dumfries, the express entrance. attracting some attention. wilson bridge, ok in both directions. elway, an accident on the exit. back to you. >> thank you. we begin with breaking news this hour. in afghanistan reports one american has been killed and another injured during an overnight attacked in kabul.
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officials believe the gunman was an afghan employee of the u.s. government. they say he was not authorized to have a weapon. authorities are investigating how you was able to get a gun through security. >> police say he cashed in on a long-running scam. we're learning more about the prince george's county man accused of posing as and if a quarterback vince young. stephan pittman is being held behind bars, awaiting extradition on fraud charges. that may be just the beginning of this story. we go live to police headquarters with the very latest. >> good morning. police say this man has defrauded women in your from tune of 50-$25,000 and that he has a history of crime. he was arrested yesterday.
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according to court documents, he pleaded guilty and 2009 to sexually assaulting a 23-year- old woman in denton county texas, but never served a day of his five-year prison term because he received probation. police say he then began impersonating vince young. they say he did not stop there. he claimed to be a former professional basketball player the owner of a modeling agency, car dealerships, a record level even a restaurant in italy. one of his alleged victims wants to know why he is still on the streets. >> why is he out walking the streets? why is he walking the streets? somebody dropped the ball somewhere. >> please join the investigation after a meeting agencies supported some allegedly was impersonating vince young. >> thank you. union station opened once
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again after a fire shut it down last night. part of the station was evacuated after an electrical fire broke out in the visitors' center. metro and amtrak train services were temporarily disrupted. the station reopened within 45 minutes after the fire being put out. the cause is under investigation. funeral services will be held for a d.c. police officer killed in a traffic accident in montgomery county. friends and family yesterday attended a weight at mount calvary baptist church in rockville. he was off to the last week when his car crashed into the back of a tanker truck and the shoulder of i-270. he was a 10-year veteran of the police force. his funeral will be held this morning at the church of god in gaithersburg. public meeting tonight on a plan to install surveillance cameras inside fairfax county public schools. the proposal in response to food
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fights that broke out at two high school's last year. officials say the cameras would help crack down on bullying and theft. the meeting is 6:30 tonight. >> this was a crime that stunned a community. a grandmother accused of throwing her 2-year-old granddaughter over a walkway at the tyson's corner mall goes to trial today. carmela dela rosa is charged with murder. we call life outside the district court house with the story. >> this is a story that many people are still talking about and left everyone shocked. many people are wondering how his grandmother that many describe as caring and voting is charged with throwing her 2- year-old granddaughter of a pedestrian bridge. she will be in the court house today to stand trial for murder. prosecutors said carmela dela rosa killed her 2-year-old
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granddaughter angelyn last november by throwing her from the six-story walkway at the tysons corner shopping garage. and earlier testimony, the child's mother said they had all been at tysons having dinner and rocking back to their car when without warning the mother says dela rosa tosser of the ruling. the little girl later died in area hospital. she's expected to enter into defense an insanity defense. attorneys said dela rosa had suffered from major depressive order since about 2000 and her own daughter admits it became so severe she never felt the lash shall know lagerfeld safe leaving little angelyn in the mother's care. the grandmother had tried to commit suicide in the months leading up to the little girl's death. there is no motive for what may have triggered this grandmother to toss her granddaughter to her
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own death. to prove insanity, her attorney must prove her mental state was such that she did not understand the consequences of her actions or was unable to tell right from wrong. the trial is expected to last a couple of weeks. >> thank you. to d.c. councilman michael brown under fire over furniture. washington post reports brown had $2,300 in taxpayer funded furniture delivered to his office last week. and haven't two days after the council voted to raise taxes on to lash it happened two days after the council voted to raise taxes on dc's wealthiest residents. to >> drive is experiencing some relief at the gas pump. the national average gas is down 12 cents from two weeks ago, down 47 cents from its high in early may. aaa says the national average
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for regular is $3.51 a gallon. and d.c., $3.63. maryland $3.45. virginia $3.36. >> it is still too high for me. when we return, is a man missing from the race for the white house? >> funnel clouds of terror across lake michigan. >> another check of your monday [ cow mooing ] ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] there's no need to produce foods yourself to be sure they're 100% natural. ♪ ♪ now there's open nature foods from safeway. no preservatives, no artificial anything. all within budget.
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at banof america we're lendinand investing in the people and communities who call greater washington, d.c. home. frfrom supporting an organization that helps new citizen find their way... to proudly supporting our washington redskins... and partnering with a school that brings academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c. the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> trying to keep america safe and former, virginia. good morning washington. >> good morning. 6:10. the changing seasons. it looked like a wild side. this is over lake michigan. the mix of cool air and warm lake water spawned these huge waterspouts and prompted the national weather service to issue a marine warning. these can be dangerous to boats and planes. so far, there have been no reports of injuries or damage. >> dramatic pictures. is that like a waterspout -- is that like a tornado on water? >> exactly. usually, they're not very strong tornadoes. one thing that helped cause this one was the area of low pressure stuck over the midwest and has been there for days,
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causing a little extra twist in the atmosphere, helping to get those waterspouts going. the average life spout is 5-10 minutes for a waterspout. high pressure off shore. moist swell out of the tropics. no signs of this changing and to the end of the week. near 70 everywhere. a few sprinkles today near 80. a better chance of rain and tomorrow. the weekend forecast coming at. >> north on i-95, slow traffic. stafford county area heading toward the dumfries, two accidents. we're looking at the inner loop of i-66. that accident has cleared. there is another accident. springfield, not bad getting
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past the beltway. in maryland, 270 getting bogged down. heavy through the rock fell stretches as well. back to you. >> thank you. 69 degrees. when we continue markets on edge. with the latest trouble increase cause ripples here? >> home at last. the american hikers opening up about their treatment and iran. >> where do things stand with the washington monument? how soon can the so many great pioneers before me, guided only by a dream. i'm embarking on a journey of epic proportion. i will travel, from sea to shining sea, through amber waves of grain,
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and i won't stop until i've helped every driver in america save hundreds on car insurance. well i'm out of the parking lot. that's a good start. geico, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent, or more on car insurance. >> turning to the race for the white house and the new republicans scramble for a
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candidate make a texas gov. rick perry was the instant front- runner when he jumped into the race just a few weeks ago but some republicans are already looking for a new option. we go live for the latest. >> good morning. republican party leaders have been looking over their presidential candidates and are increasingly voicing a common theme -- disappointment. rick perry was called a very weak front runners along with mitt romney. mike huckabee said. is not prepared for the pressure of the presidential stage yet. perry into this weekend's straw poll in florida heavily favored but left humbled a distant second to herman cain. mitt romney took third place showing he is still struggling to master the enthusiasm of gop voters. the disarray is so intense that after perry's implosion recent days those close to chris
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christie said this to pressure from party leaders to recruit him to run. he told diane sawyer in april he is not interested and has repeated that several times to others since then. this week, he makes fundraising stops and three states, a long way from new jersey. >> by the way, what does chris christie say about this craziness? >> he has been remarkably quiet in recent days for a guy often miss said no, he is not going to run. people close to him say he has been besieged by party leaders urging him to run. he has been saying, no thanks. >> thank you. the freed american hikers who spent two years imprisoned in iran are speaking out about the ordeal. josh fattal and shane bauer arrived at jfk airport in new
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york and met with reporters. they along with a third person or jailed when they crossed into iran from iraq, charged with spying. >> we heard the screams of other prisoners being beaten, and there's nothing we could do. >> the two court sessions we attended were a sham. >> they say they were held only because they are americans. they say they may never know whether they actually crossed into the iran-iraq border before their arrest. more than a month since we were rocked by an unexpected earthquake, we will get an update on the status of the washington monument. the earthquake caused a cracks in the monument. there will be a news conference today to tell us where things stand. engineers are still trying to figure out the best way to repair the monument. it has been closed to the public
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since the earthquake struck. more worries for markets overseas this morning. netflix picked up a new partner. >> good morning. concerns about europe have overseas markets thinking today. investors worried as the parliament gets ready to vote on a bailout package for greece this week. boeing delivered the first of its highly anticipated 707 to -- 787 dreamliner. it has bigger windows and electronic dimming versus pulldown shades. a new survey says 45% of non- interest checking accounts are free, down from 65% last year. analysts say banks are adding fees to recover money lost any regulation. "lion king" was the big winner
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for the second straight week. to>> thank you. it time for the tribe effect -- traffic and weather. we were talking about the mushrooms in our yard. >> we have not had a great chance to dry out. 11 days and still counting where we have had at least 0.7 of the sky shrouded in clouds. a >> that is why i am so depressed. >> mold spores have skyrocketed. we're all feeling it. >> get us out of it, please. >> did we moved to portland to? even they have seen more sunshine than us in washington. surprise surprise, gray skies. there is a reduced visibility with fog.
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a wedge of dry air moving through west virginia. we could see some brief sunshine today. more clouds and sunshine overall. here's the weather pattern. we're stuck in a holding pattern in the atmosphere. high pressure offshore, low pressure in the midwest. toyou feel the humidity in the air. that adds to the cloud cover and a shower chances. right now, near 70. headed to 81. a few sprinkles. a better chance of rain tomorrow. tonight, a few showers developing. shower chances every day. we do see signs of improvement by the weekend. in the 60s with some, yes, some time. >> pretty busy with the wet pavement. 270 and montrose, a pretty good.
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jammed up out of frederick. to germantown, jammed up. 66 a couple of accidents. one at centerville on the shoulder. otherwise, a crash inbound and 66 on the left exit to get to the inner loop of the beltway. a vehicle overturned. 95 is very slow this morning trying to get out of stafford county. first, an accident at quantico. another near the express lane entrance off 234. it that on started the mass on the beltway. springfield, does ballot to bad toward the beltway. -- does not look too bad toward the beltway. >> thank you. 69 degrees. coming up expecting a baby and
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a jail sentence. one expected mothers alleged crimes. all caught on tape. >> on "anderson" tortured for years by family friend, adult twins confront their past.
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you could say she is stealing 40
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dead. the pregnant woman is facing charges after surveillance video brought --, a brazen home invasion. the 20-year-old is seven months along. the man seen here is also charged. allegedly made off with $7,000 of electronics jewelry and cash. there suspected in a string of other burglars in the area at the past few weeks as well. diana nyad said she is through trying to swim from cuba to florida. the 62-year-old made another attempt over the weekend spending more than 40 hours in the shark-filled waters. she had to stop after being stung by jellyfish and portuguese man-of-war's. medics said another sting could have been life-threatening. nyad said she was in the best shivah for life and did much better than in a previous trial last month. >> she is a fighter.
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asia's largest apple store is open for business in shanghai, china the city's third application. the first customers waited in line for more than 10 hours over night. they wanted to enter the four- story building. apple wants to open about 20 more stores by next spring. >> a big market over there. the first customers been granted. still more to come. >> we all have our heroes. these are two of mind. >> emotion and courage, crossing the finish line in washington. the triumphant and for the three-day journey for the cure. >> new details on the man police say impersonated an nfl player. >> nothing on the radar screen. we're still stuck in this fairly gray
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>> fake nfl star, alleged scam has victims calling for justice. 6:30, september 26. time for the traffic and the weather. it is technically fall, but does not feel like a knee, especially with the humidity. it is a double- -->> especially with the humidity. there is a live look at annapolis. a little bit of fog.
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there is some fog. temperatures near 70 right now. on our way to 81 degrees with a few sprinkles possible. this weekend, in the 60's. >> issues this morning traveling from the south and west looking at 95 and springfield getting heavy. the bigger issues are farther south than that. northbound i-95, heavy traffic getting in from route 610 up for the interchange of route 234. and earlier accident near quantico blocking the left side, and another one near the express lane entrance. looks like it is completely gone within the past couple of seconds. as you make your way along 270 a very slow morning out of frederick. an accident near route 85.
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this is georgia avenue near route 100 aid. looks like the accident has been clear to the right hand side of the roadway. >> thank you. he is accused of pretending to be a professional football player and cash in in. >> stiffen -- 7 pittman is behind bars. that may just be the beginning of the story. >> and morning. police say this man is about to enter 30 pounds, near the exact height and weight of vince young. he has his swagger and charm of a professional athlete. they say he has a history of crime. >> he said, and vince young the quarterback. >> amy willis said stephan pepin convinced her he was quarterback vince young and offered to invest $25,000 of her money in a business still. >> he proposed for me to purchase the spa i work at and have me run it.
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>> she said after wering the money, the deal fell through and she never saw our money again. police arrested the minister did. pittman could serve up to five years in texas prison for -- arrested the man yesterday. but and conserve up to five years in texas for sexual charges. >> you would wonder why a lighter punishment was given. >> the men allegedly defrauded a woman who gave him $2,500 for a foundation that supposedly did such things as provide toys for local children. thank you. we're following this story as it unfolds on air and online. for more information, go to a grandmother accused of
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during her 2-year-old granddaughter over an elevated walkways the tyson's corner mall heads to court today. carmela dela rosa's church with murder. we go to the district courthouse this morning with a look ahead. many people will be watching this trial. to >> this is a crime that shocked this entire community and still has people talking. people are questioning how his grandmother described as voting and loving by some is charged with throwing her granddaughter of the pedestrian bridge at the tysons shopping center. she will be at the courthouse to stand trial for murder today. prosecutors say dela rosa killed her 2-year-old granddaughter angelyn elastomer by throwing her from the six-story walkway. in earlier testimony the child's mother said they had been having dinner at tysons and were walking back to their car.
6:35 am
without warning dela rosa grabbed the girl and to foster over the railing. she later died. to dela rosa is expected to enter an insanity defense. it will revolve around the defendant's mental health. dela rosa has suffered from major depressive disorder since 2000 and her daughter in meant it had gone so severe, she no longer felt safe leaving angelyn in her mother's care. preliminary hearing show the grandmother had tried to commit suicide in the months leading up to the little girl's death. no one has been able to offer a motive for what may have triggered this grandmother to toss her granddaughter to her death. for the insanity defense to work attorneys must prove her mental state was so severe at the time of the offense that she did not understand the consequences of her own actions and did not understand right from wrong. and other news, pepco rates
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may be going up. officials say more money is needed to improve and shropshire and make service are reliable. customers began paying higher rates for upgrades. issue thousands crossed the finish line for the susan g. komen three-day walk for the cure. almost 2500 people walked the 60-mile journey in three days. for many, it was a family affair. >> we walked for my grandmother who with a lossm,y aunt, and for our daughters of they do not have to go through this. >> some of the participants are breast cancer survivors and others walk for those who no longer can. to see more images, go to
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another fund-raising walk wrapped up yesterday hundreds walked 31 miles to raise money for multiple sclerosis. the capital challenge what kicked off at chevy chase maryland. i had the honor to be there to place medals at the finish line. it raised a least $1,500. i was busy, too with hundreds of people in west virginia during the alzheimer's to an alzheimer's walk. it then there was a candlelight vigil. another horrible disease. 69 degrees. when we continue they are bracing for a shutdown yet again. what is at stake in today's showdown on capitol hill. we will also have the
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>> welcome back. time for the traffic and the weather every 10 minutes. >> it has been a little dreary. will that continue? >> we are kind of locked into a weather pattern. it looks like winston at our thursday before we get a break. dullish wednesday or thursday
6:41 am
before we get a break. a few bright spots in the overcast sky. we will have lots of clouds and just a few breaks of a little sunshine here and there. satellite and radar showing the heavy rain and cuts through the mid-atlantic. members in the 60 postal lore 70's as we start off -- the numbers in the 60s and lower 70's as we start off. forecast for this monday, and lots of cloudiness. a few showers. 79-82 degrees. a couple of cold fronts on the way. that is the latest for the moment. >> thank you. let's get a check on the roadways. >> it is pretty rough. northbound side of i-95 delays
6:42 am
at the interchange at route 610. two accidents. it -- the one at the expressing entrance is gone. with a couple of earlier incidents on the beltway. one on the exit ramp from the and downside of 66 the left exit. in a loop delays springfield. even now. maryland we will take a look at the cameras along 270. college park to silver spring all lanes are open. >> i think we should just stay in bed this morning. coming up next, can democrats and republicans break to the
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latest stalemate over keeping the government and business? >> one woman's job search
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>> welcome back. deja vu. republicans and democrats locked in a fight to keep the government "in business beyond the end of this week. both sides at odds over short- term spending plan and how to pay for federal aid for disaster victims. once again americans facing the threat of a government shutdown. lawmakers failing to agree on how to keep the government afloat. the bill that passed a republican controlled house fighting for the $3.7 billion in aid to people hit by hurricanes
6:46 am
tornadoes, and other natural disasters. >> the house sent over a bill that did that. >> the democratic controlled senate rejected the bill, crying foul for time spending cuts to badly needed this -- disaster dollars. >> why should we rebuild schools in iraq on the credit card but expect rebuilding schools and jobs in missouri at this moment time have to be paid for in a way never been in any previous disasters? >> republican house bill would have cut $1.5 billion from the energy department program the democrats and 10,000 jobs. republicans at the federal government cannot keep doing business as usual. >> they made the pledge took $1.5 billion and said instead of adding to the debt, we're not one to add to the debt when we do this. >> the senate bill up for debate today would not require spinning offsets in order to release new
6:47 am
money to fema. if republicans can block it with the filibuster, the senate will have to set the house bill rejected last week or try to negotiate. >> we should not and up with the 11th hour shutdown potential on friday. >> congress not scheduled to be in congress this week. house leaders say they do not plan on calling members back to washington. here with more on all of this for some insight mike allen. some are wondering if this is just political theater or with looking at the potential of a shutdown? >> it could happen. fema would run out of money wednesday or thursday. leaders say it is unlikely harry reid will try to find a way out of it. house republicans went to california and silicon valley, there will be a face-off between
6:48 am
president obama during a town hall meeting at 2:00 our time, and 6 miles away, a few hours later, eric cantor of virginia the no. 2 of the house the no. 3 budget chairman paul ryan, they will do a town hall on facebook. their host is going to be show center who hosted a fund-raiser for president obama last night. everyone is covering their bases. >> it is kind of crazy. some say, it is very embarrassing. americans are getting pretty fed up with his back and forth. >> i agree. there's a pullout, more than 80% of people are descent -- there is a new poll out more than 80% of people are dissatisfied with the american government.
6:49 am
probably 100 seats will be up for grabs in the next election. >> interesting stuff. >> thank you for joining us. >> have a great week. we take a traffic on the weather and traffic. >> another cloudy day? >> big surprise. we do have some changes coming. first, montgomery county maps. a very hazy day. there are some breaks in the overcast. that is the most we can hope for. check out the humidity levels, 100%, saturated. temperatures in the 60's, close to 70. we're doing fine. we are locked in this pattern. we have high pressure in the atlantic ocean and low pressure
6:50 am
stationary across the midwest. showers and thunderstorms every now and then. all of this will break loose coming up in a few days. this is one computer models version of things. it starts to change with some clearing by thursday. 81 degrees today. 60's tonight. near 80 again tomorrow. a bit of clearing and drier air in the middle of the week. huge changes by the weekend. if you put away your jackets and sweaters it is a good idea to start looking for them now. seven-day forecast in a couple of minutes. that is the latest. >> thank you. >> we want to get a look at what
6:51 am
has been a very busy traffic morning. >> rough on 95 from stafford toward dumfries. a couple of accidents clearing up. 66 will also be very slow from manassas and to centerville. a crash on route 29. delays into the bout with an earlier accident that should be cleared up. maryland, traffic on the beltway is very slow from college park to silver spring. 270, big delays this morning. we will look at that someone just gave me a special aruban shell that is. and they say, that if you put it to your ear you can actually hear the sound of the sea. wow that's... it is ! it's amazing ! you really... you can hear the sea ! it's... it feels so real... it sounds like you're almost there. ya know ?
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>> a good monday morning to all of you. coming up, some wall street worries, new fears of another stock plunge and another recession. by economic turmoil overseas could mean more trouble here. trouble in the race for the republican presidential nomination as a former front runner now lags in the polls and a candidate said to be considering a run. we will have the latest for you. also royal concessions. the real story behind the fairy tale wedding. it is all right here on "good morning america." >> standing in the rain with the hand of balloons may not sound like job hunting to you -- >> but that is what one north carolina woman hopes will give her a lift to a better opportunity. she's been looking for nearly a
6:55 am
year without success so she is turned to placing her resume inside helium filled balloons and just releases them to who knows where? >> desperate times call for desperate measures. whatever it takes, i'm going to do to get a job. >> the 36-year-old job hunter says she knows the balloon idea is a bit of a long shot, but is hoping it will bring her attention. she already has received emails from potential employers who have found her plans. >> she is creativity. >> i am sure someone is watching right now thinking, i need someone with creative ideas like that. >> very few creative ideas around us on the roads it northbound 95, very slow getting out of stafford county to prince william's. springfield to landmark. beltway at landmark, crashed to the outer loop at georgia avenue.
6:56 am
college park is for is low. 270 is jammed up. 66 has been very heavy manasseh's to centerville. here's the forecast. >> for the most part, cloudy the first half of the work week. looks like the pattern will shift thursday or friday. more fall-like conditions, especially this weekend 60's for the high temperature. until then, more clouds and sunshine, chance of scattered showers. >> it will be nice at the end of the week. that does it for "good morning washington." >> for local coverage, to an end to news channel 8. we will see you back here at noon.
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